documenting your love story

I love documenting LOVE!

One of my favorite niche's in photography is couples. I love capturing people that are madly in love.

How do engagement & Couples sessions work?

I will guide you through your session experience. Do you have something that the two of you like to do? We can include that in your session. Are you worried you will look awkward? I promise I have prompts that will help you to be at ease. Love the mountains? Let's grab your lover and go on an adventure.

My goal is to provide you with a timeless piece of art that you will treasure forever. I want to give you beautiful portraits of you & yours -- but I also want to give you sweet candid moments that will give you butterflies looking back for years to come.

My approach:

I'm here to be your guide during your session. I want you to be relaxed & 100% at ease. I will prompt you and pose you when necessary but will also step back and watch with an artistic eye for sweet candid moments to unfold.

Celebrate love.

Celebrate love.


Couple & Engagement Sessions start at $275

Message Me for more information.